Sunday, April 25, 2010

Eliminating prejudice from the soul

How do we end prejudice?

We end prejudice by accepting each other.

By doing what we say and saying what we do. By honoring our word and keeping true to the promises we make to others.

We don't do it by living for the sake of greed and money. When we use money as a tool for changing what is wrong in the world, it begins to evolve. When we invest in the right places and causes we can leave the past in the past. When we do, we only learn from our past mistakes and we do not perpetuate it.

Lawrence Durrell said "History is an endless repetition of the wrong way of living," and he is right. The future can be harmonic but we have to change.

LOVE each other more. Lead with your heart for the sake of humanity and do not let self-interest be the sole motivator. RESPECT each other. Do not to judge - teach instead. Do not to fight - but reconcile. Do not to argue - communication is the tool that enlightens. Fix yourself before asking others to change and live by the same rules we ask of others.

Prejudice exists in the hearts of those do not believe in the highest power. Simply put, those who only know how to hate and discriminate have prejudice in the heart of their soul. Those who embrace tolerance will shine for humanity. So, the people of the Earth must decide whether they know what love is?

When you find love, then you found perfection. LOVE everything and everything will be right within you and the world around you. This is how you eliminate prejudice from the soul.

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