Monday, October 25, 2010

Miss USA to cover the Next Issue of ALO Magazine

In what promises to be an eye-popping and insightful interview, winner of the 2010 Miss USA title, Rima Fakih graces the cover of the next issue of ALO Magazine. Holding one of the most prestigious crowns in the world, she discusses to ALO the reality behind what shapes the American Dream.

The hot topic of this upcoming issue focuses on art of living in fashion, lifestyle, culture, social philosophy and architectural elegance.
ALO is America’s Top affluent American Middle Eastern Lifestyle Magazine, a cultural attraction of the elite lifestyle enthusiasts who want to expand, explore and experience the richness and beauty of the Middle East. “ALO” literally translates to “hello my darling” in Arabic.

Wafa Kanan is the dynamic founder and publisher of ALO Hayati magazine. Five years ago, as an entrepreneur woman-business owner, Kanan realized the gaps and void of media presence of the growing and successful Middle Easterners in the United States who immigrated to the country from various origins in search for social freedom and advancement in career and lifestyle. The startling growth of this affluent but untapped market of successful Middle Eastern communities who contributed in so many ways to the economic triumph, international business and technology and science throughout the United States. With passionate vision and a mission to balance and shatter the misconception and false reputation of Mid East continent she created ALO Magazine as a window and eventually the voice of 1st, 2nd and third generation and a path for equality and pride heritage bridging all diverse communities and interconnecting to their core values.

“In these few years, the magazine has served as a forum for understanding the Middle Eastern culture and a great tool for those within to keep true to their heritage. Despite the world’s disorder and conflict, ALO’s central focus remains unchanged: maintaining editorial integrity while striving to push the publication’s quality ever higher each quarter,” states ALO’s editor, Michael Lloyd.

Other Fall features include The Big O: An inside story of never having a real orgasm, The New Middle East and the Path to Change: A look at new architecture with closed societies, Doing Business in the Middle East: The need for connections and a safe haven for investments, and the Middle Eastern Woman: Breaking the gender bias and 5 steps to recapturing your culture.

ALO is available by subscription, at bookstores nationwide such as Barnes & Noble and Borders, in VIP lounges and on board Delta Airlines, Kuwait Airways and other major airlines. ALO Magazine is a proud publication of Unique Image, Inc.
The Art of Living Special 2010 issue will hit newsstands and major bookstores October 2010.

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